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Brands That Do Good: Our Founding Question

Has a brand ever existed for the purpose of doing good?

We think it is a question worth asking: "Has an American business ever been founded for the sole purpose of doing good?"

There are lots of companies that do good things. Many raise money for charitable endeavors, invest in or give back to their communities, or raise awareness for important issues.

We applaud those efforts, and are ourselves fans of companies that do such things.

That said, after some thought, the original question remains: "Has an American business ever been founded for the sole purpose of doing good?"

Until now, we think the answer to that question has been "no."

Welcome to Brands That Do Good.

Brands We Admire

At Brands That Do Good, we are, in short, fans of brands. Brands are an everyday part of our life experience, and many help shape the world we live in.

We enjoy the brands of well run companies. Brands that stand for a quality, for a consistently excellent consumer experience, brands that inspire a community of people to become passionate regulars.

We especially enjoy brands of companies that are well run, but do a little more. The "little more" can take many forms. Some contribute to the community. Some promote environmental awareness. Some sponsor a favorite charity.

All, in some way, try to add to the common good.

Newman's Own (www.newmansown.com): Newman's Own has funneled all of its after costs profits to its own, handpicked, charitable endeavors. Over the course of the past 25 years, Newman's Own has donated millions of dollars while producing consistently excellent products.

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream (www.benjerry.com), has, for decades, created some of the best ice cream on the planet. They have done so with a sense of humor, a sense of responsibility for their workers and the community in which they operate.

Life is Good (www.lifeisgood.com): Perhaps no other brand of the past 20 years has so quickly defined it's "ethos" like Life is Good… The emotional connection LIG has to its customers is neatly captured by its mascot, Jake, and his sunglass wearing dog (hey… we love dogs!). LIG also operates a Kids Foundation that strives to help Kids in need (hey… we love kids too!).

For examples of more of our favorite brands, visit our staff bios, so you can see other brands we are passionate about.

Brands That Do Good: How it Works

At Brands That Do Good, we have set out to combine the traits of the brands we love, from Newman's Own, to Ben & Jerry's, to Life is Good, and to many others that earn our admiration.

1. At Brands That Do Good, each of our brands supports a specific charity, or charities.

We have a clearly stated financial proposition.

No inventory to deal with, no minimums to sell, no limit to the money you can raise. It's that simple.

2. At Brands That Do Good, we recognize charities that do good.

Our charities are chosen because of their outstanding work, their commitment to their communities, and their fiscal responsibility.

We use Charity Navigator (www.charitynavigator.org) to help us identify those charities that are doing great things.

At Brands That Do Good, we are always in the process of developing new campaigns that benefit other well run, charitable organizations.

If you run a charity, contact us at greatpartners@brandsthatdogood.com, and let us know about your good work. We may be able to create a campaign that benefits you!

3. At Brands That Do Good, we recognize customers that do good.

We know our customers are passionate about other well run, and highly effective charities.

If you are such a customer, contact us at greatcustomers@brandsthatdogood.com and let us know about the charity you are passionate about. With the resources of Charity Navigator, we'll identify the most effective and most worthy charities for new Brands That Do Good campaigns…even our next Brand!

4. At Brands That Do Good, we recognize that a community of passionate, well informed people can make a world of difference.

… and have fun doing it!

We hope you will join us.

Brands That Do Good: Meet Doggie U!

Our first brand that does good is Doggie U… which lives by the slogan "A wag is a terrible thing to waste."

Doggie U celebrates the unique bond we have with our dogs… and combines that with the bond many of us have for our alma mater.

Doggie U will donate 30% of your sale price directly to a deserving animal shelter. To see this month's recipient of sales, check the Doggie U homepage (www.doggie-u.com).

This is Doggie U's effort to give more dogs the opportunity to enjoy the unique bond we share with our dogs and our families.

You can check out Doggie U at www.doggie-u.com.

Brands That Do Good: More to Come!

At Brands That Do Good, we will continue to launch more brands with unique value propositions. If you have a passion for a worthy charity, let us know at greatideas@brandsthatdogood.com.

Each of our brands will target a different cause, or charity, or customer, but one thing is sure: all of our brands will do good.

We welcome you to join us.

Brands That Do Good