About Our Friends

At Brands That Do Good, we are, in short, fans of brands. Brands are an everyday part of our life experience, and many help shape the world we live in.

We enjoy the brands of well run companies. Brands that stand for a quality, for a consistently excellent consumer experience, brands that inspire a community of people to become passionate regulars.

We especially enjoy brands of companies that are well run, but do a little more. The "little more" can take many forms. Some contribute to the community. Some promote environmental awareness. Some sponsor a favorite charity.

All, in some way, try to add to the common good.

Life is Good logo

Life is Good (www.lifeisgood.com) - Perhaps no other brand of the past 20 years has so quickly defined it's "ethos" like Life is Good… The emotional connection LIG has to its customers is neatly captured by its mascot, Jake, and his sunglass wearing dog (hey… we love dogs!). LIG also operates a Kids Foundation that strives to help Kids in need (hey… we love kids too!).

Newman's Own logo

Newman's Own (www.newmansown.com) – Products made with organic (and tasty) ingredients. Profits after taxes go to progressive causes. Newman's Own Foundation continues Paul Newman's commitment to donate all profits to charity. Over $300 million has been given to thousands of charities since 1982. The Newman's Own Foundation makes grants to charities within the United States and abroad.

Ben & Jerry's logo

Ben & Jerry's (www.benjerry.com) - The Ben & Jerry's Foundation awards about $1.8 million annually to eligible organizations across the country and in Vermont. Their philanthropy is employee-led by non-management, employee advisory groups who consider proposals and recommend grants. The Foundation administers six grant programs.

Charity Navigator logo

Charity Navigator (www.charitynavigator.org) America's premier independent charity evaluator, works to advance a more efficient and responsive philanthropic marketplace by evaluating the financial health of over 5,500 of America's largest charities.

Honest Tea logo

Honest Tea (honesttea.com) creates and promotes delicious, truly healthy, organic beverages. A commitment to social responsibility is central to Honest Tea's identity and purpose. The company strives for authenticity, integrity and purity, in our products and in the way they do business. Honest Tea seeks to create honest relationships with our employees, suppliers, customers and with the communities in which we do business.

Title Nine logo

Title 9 (www.TitleNine.com) - We love this brand because they are very clear in their purpose and they support women's fitness and well being. The mini-bios of the models highlight real women and their accomplishments; they are truly inspirational and encouraging. Plus their clothes are exactly as described and they last forever.

Kiss My Face logo

Kiss My Face (www.kissmyface.com) - We love this brand of natural body products because they are all organic and paraben free. They also care about the environment and use responsible production methods. They have a "Peace Soap" line where 10% of the profits support Seeds of Peace, an organization to help young people from regions of conflict develop leadership skills necessary to advance reconciliation and coexistence.

One logo

ONE (www.one.org) is a grassroots campaign and advocacy organization backed by more than 2 million people who are committed to the fight against extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa. Cofounded by Bono and other campaigners, ONE is nonpartisan and works closely with African policy makers and activists.

Red logo

Red (www.red.org) is a simple idea that transforms our incredible collective power as consumers into a financial force to help others in need. (RED) works with the world’s most iconic brands to make unique (RED) products, giving up to 50% of their profit to the Global Fund to invest in HIV and AIDS programs in Africa. Every dollar goes straight to people who need it, helping them stay alive so they can go on taking care of their families and contributing to their communities.

Heifer International logo

Heifer International (www.Heifer.org) helps families around the world become self reliant with gifts of animals. Heifer's mission is to work with communities to end hunger and poverty and care for the earth. By giving families a hand-up, not just a hand-out, they are empowered to turn lives of hunger and poverty into self-reliance and hope. With gifts of livestock and training, Heifer International helps families improve their nutrition and generate income in sustainable ways.