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Brands That Do Good


Position: Founder and All-Around Good Guy

Reason for Doing This: I think good for the sake of good is a noble cause, and one that can succeed in today's marketplace. I also believe that communities of smart, engaged, well intentioned people can do great things. At some point it occurred to me to find some friends that wanted to start such a community, and well, here we are.

Role Models: If you could roll Bono, Jimmy Carter and Nelson Mandela into one person, that would just about do it.

Favorite Brands: Newman's Own, for obvious reasons. Life is Good, Honest Tea and Charity Navigator. There are many others, but those are a solid group.

Favorite Dog Ever: Paco, a mixed breed dog that looked like a chocolate shepherd, if such a breed existed. Paco loved unconditionally, yet had high standards. Come to think of it, he would really like this brand, and our community of customers.

Favorite Doggie U Design: Dachshund U "Baseball" design.

What Will We Have Accomplished in 5 years? I'm optimistic by nature, so I'll say this: we'll have given hundreds of thousands to deserving charities, and by extension, have helped thousands of people (and their pets) in need. We'll have established the fact that doing good for the sake of good is good business as well.

What You Should Know About Me: If you get an e-mail, or a tweet, or a call from me… chances are good, it really is me.

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Brands That Do Good


Position: Co-Founder, Business Development and Balance to Greg

Reason for Doing This: I believe that a business can and should not only do good in the world, but that you can also have a ton of fun while you're at it. And this is a ton of fun - especially when the fun includes getting Greg back on track!

Role Models: My mom. She is a single parent who raised three (mostly balanced!) kids. When we were all under the age of seven she was diagnosed with MS. She exemplifies courage, tenacity and enjoying life. She has always encouraged me to first and foremost do what I enjoy and that I could do anything that I set my mind to.

Favorite Brands: Title 9 – I love this brand because they are very clear in their purpose and they support women's fitness and well being. The mini-bios of the models highlight real women and their accomplishments; they are truly inspirational and encouraging. Plus their clothes are exactly as described and they last forever.

Favorite Dog Ever: Andy and Lady, brother and sister Shelties. These wonderful two companions escorted me on seven long-distance relocations (From Salt Lake City, UT to Twin Falls, Idaho to Denver, CO, to Ft. Lauderdale FL, to Washington, DC, to Durham, NC to Ann Arbor, MI) and were my steady guides as I navigated new cities and locations. Andy loved to fetch and the only way to get him to stop was to literally hide the ball. Lady was a bit more relaxed and loved to hang out in the sun and have her belly rubbed.

Favorite Doggie U Design: Mastiff Retro Design

What Will We Have Accomplished in 5 years: Brands That Do Good will be so well known for helping out our communities that we can refer to it as "Do Good" and people will immediately know that we are referring to Brands That Do Good.

What You Should Know About Me: I am a master gardener and if I am late for work, an appointment, etc. it is because I got distracted by the garden on my way to the car. And, I've been known to arrive at work with dirt on my knees, pants, skirt, etc.

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Brands That Do Good


Position: Co-Founder and Master of Design

Reason for Doing This: I like dogs, design and doing good. It's a perfect combo!

Role Models: My parents and my husband

Favorite Brands: Kiss My Face – I love this brand of natural body products because they are all organic and paraben free. They also care about the environment and use responsible production methods. They have a "Peace Soap" line where 10% of the profits support Seeds of Peace, an organization to help young people from regions of conflict develop leadership skills necessary to advance reconciliation and coexistence.

Teva – I love this brand because they make my favorite pair of shoes, but they are so much more than that. They make a mean flip-flop that will be comfortable and last for years, but they are also involved in philanthropies. One of my favorites is the Outdoor Foundation. They create programs that promote healthy outdoor lifestyles for kids.

Favorite Dog Ever: Alf – A Golden Retriever. He was named after the TV character Alf. So that should tell you a little about his personality. He loved chasing flashlights and squirrels and going on boat rides in the summer.

Favorite Doggie U Design: Dachshund Baseball Design

What Will We Have Accomplished in 5 years: We will have contributed a great deal of funds to charity and helped to spread the lifestyle of doing good.

What You Should Know About Me: I enjoy the simple things in life. A good cup of coffee, being outside, traveling and spending time with the ones that I love.

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Brands That Do Good


Position: Co-Founder, Associate Dean of Creativity and Head of Useless Information

Reason for Doing This: As a designer, one of the most important things for me is to use my talents and creativity to make the world a better place. I had been looking for such an opportunity, as my day job in the world of advertising doesn't usually allow me to perform acts of "dogoodery".

Role Models: Jesus, my parents, my wife and children, Bono, Paul Rand, Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning

Favorite Brands: As a designer, I have a lot of favorite "brands". However, in terms of brands that are helping other people and looking to better the world, I would have to go with One ( and Red ( Both brands, started by U2 front man, Bono, look to make people aware of global poverty, AIDS and issues facing third-world countries.

Favorite Dog Ever: Other than Junk Yard Dog and Clifford, the Big Red Dog, I would have to say the Norwegian Elkhounds that I had growing up, Freya and Frey. Both were beautiful dogs. Looking back, I wish that I would have spent more time with them and appreciated them more.

Favorite Doggie U Design: That's a good question. I enjoy the ones that have obscure breeds. For example, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel High School. Sounds like some school you would attend in an affluent area of London.

What Will We Have Accomplished in 5 years: 1.) We'll have donated a substantial amount of money to charity and will have contributed to the betterment of thousands of lives. 2.) Doggie U/Brands That Do Good will be a main sponsor for an Izod IndyCar Series Car, so that when the driver is in Victory Lane, you can hear him or her say, "The Doggie U/Brands That Do Good car ran a great race today and it's an honor to be associated with such a great sponsor."

What You Should Know About Me: I have four daughters, a cat, no appendix and drive a classic car – a 2001 Saturn SL2.

Contact Me: via the Bat Signal.


Brands That Do Good


Position: Co-Founder and Web Design

Reason for Doing This: The majority of my career has focused on some aspect of retail. I've always admired successful brands where everyone involved had fun all day, enjoyed perfecting exceptional customer service and found ways to give back to the community and do good.

Role Models: Artists Robert Rauschenberg and Joseph Cornell, writers Bill Bryson and A.A. Milne, musicians Carole King and Bruce Springsteen and my Dad. All have inspired me in different ways to appreciate the possibilities of different artistic pursuits.

Favorite Brands: I'm a fan of Ben and Jerry's – ice cream and activism are a terrific combination and am a long time admirer of The Body Shop which started more than 30 years ago with the belief that business has the power to do good. Heifer International helps families around the world become self reliant with gifts of animals.

Favorite Dog Ever: Snuffy Huckleberry was our first and only family dog. My dad was a Peanuts fan and wanted a beagle like Snoopy. Somehow the local shelter convinced him that Snuffy was a beagle mix. Although they were overly optimistic in this assessment, Snuffy was a fun-loving and patient companion.

Favorite Doggie U Design: Beagle U distressed design (see above, maybe someday I'll finally have a beagle of my own.)

What Will We Have Accomplished in 5 years: Brands That Do Good will become a "poster brand" for businesses that have donated huge sums to deserving charities, by creating a community passionate to make the world a better place.

What You Should Know About Me: I love dogs, but have two cats (who think they are dogs). I'm a geek, but also enjoy non-tech toys: wooden tops, the smell of a newly opened box of Crayolas, and Mancala, a simple, but addictive game. More than once, I've considered becoming a professional Blackjack player.